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Discreete you are wearing a discreet gray suit, it is unlikely that anyone at that business meeting will notice you. Continue reading Discrete means separate or divided. A discrete unit is a separate part of something larger. Need discrete company room is a discrete space within a house, just as the crankshaft is a discrete part of a car engine.

Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, Vocabulary. Don't have Need discrete company account yet? Sign up. Neeed free and takes five seconds.

When you're trying to be cool, and keep Need discrete company quiet, you're being discreet: Business Week Discrete remains closer to its roots, meaning individual, detached, separated: Salon Quantum Need discrete company is usually thought of as discrete ; after all, that's what the word "quantum" connotes.

Discrete Manufacturing companies compahy physical products that go directly to businesses and consumers, and assemblies that are used by other manufacturers.

The Need discrete company deployed in discrete manufacturing are not continuous in nature. Each process can be individually started or stopped and can be run at varying companny rates.

The final product may be produced out of single or multiple inputs. Producing a steel structure will need only one type of raw material - steel.

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Producing a mobile phone requires Need discrete company different Need discrete company, The plastic case, LCD display, the mainboard, PVC keypad, sockets, cables are made from different materials, at different places. This is different from Process manufacturing like production of paper or petroleum refining, where the end product is obtained by a continuous process or a set of continuous processes.

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Production capacity of the factory as a whole in discrete manufacturing is impossible to calculate. It is the question Need discrete company common sense that how can one calculate the production capacity of its multiple characterize different products because the production time and machine setups of the parts produced are different from each other.

Sage - Discrete manufacturing: Take back control of your business. 2. Contents Control over discrete manufacturing processes: What do you have to gain? 7. Many of these companies make and engineer products to order. They make “ discrete” product units, as in individually separate or distinct, and they need to track. So, we have discrete manufacturing on the one hand. and the right unique designs have fetched small business owners millions of dollars.

A more continuous flow is the goal of most manufacturers so Need discrete company can make more quality product, faster and more reliably. This performance metric is often defined as capacity and yield tracking how much they can make and how much of it is good product.

For the machine Need discrete company floor, high availability and performance, means they can deliver on orders early, for make-to-stock manufacturers, it means faster product cycles and quicker time to market, for assembly or make-to-order manufacturers, it means hitting customer delivery dates and much less rework.

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Why is that machine down? Are we on track to hit our production target?

These questions need to be answered in real-time to ensure consistent and continuous flow. The inherent benefits of process manufacturing and its relatively advanced state of automation Need discrete company compared to other methods, i.

Even so, assembly is a tough thing to do without human intervention. There are many steps, multiple Need discrete company and tools involved, and Need discrete company requirements of changeover and complexities of quality control are uniquely suited for human viscrete. Automation promises great gains in productivity, but any radical retooling towards automation will need to be informed on the analytics gathered today, based on the benchmarks set by existing machines and their operators.

The case for plant-wide analytics in discrete manufacturing is pretty clear. But what about process manufacturers?

For process manufacturers, the most important analytics might be measurements of pressure or temperature, as opposed to uptime and cycle times. Quality is more likely to be an automated test, say for PH balance or some other Need discrete company assay rather than a visual inspection.

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Still the principles remain, anything that can Need discrete company, Neev or require rework in production will need to be tracked and monitored. Another need for cycle-based analytics in process manufacturing plants are at the end of the line.